Network at Events

Linkarp helps your attendees build connections with virtual networking. With our AI algorithm, we match attendees with like-minded individuals, content networking rooms and other event experiences that they will find valuable such as gallery and resources.

people connecting online
people connecting online

Bring your virtual event to life

To put it simply, your virtual event needs to replicate and enhance the face to face experience and build strong business relationships. Relying on webinar scenario alone is simply not going to fit the bill for an event that, before going virtual, offered live speakers, networking, events, breakouts, and more. That’ s where Linkarp comes in.

How it works

  • Create your event
  • Invite attendes to join
  • Attendees join and start networking
  • Update attendees with information on the event including documents, infographics and etc
people connecting online

Linkarp's Quick Features

  • The organiser can see the attendees. The attendees are able to talk to each other and the speakers as well.
  • Attendees can see all about the event including other attendees,speakers,exhibitions,sponsors in order to prepare themselves adequately for the event.
  • Organiser can share images from vendors, speakers or event material
  • Organiser can also share documents such as research documents, reports, and more
  • Attendees Pay event attendance fee. Organisers Pay 0ksh

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